How to choose a branding agency


You are investing your heart and soul into your business. Your business stands for your family tradition, what you believe in, who you are. When you invest in so much, it is important to select the best branding agency for your brand building. There are many options to choose from when you’re ready to develop a new brand or step up your existing one. From freelancers on Behance, references from friends to large agencies, the choice is intense.

#1 – Your Search

Google for branding companies in your city. It is best to choose three to five firms based on their experience, price quote. Then you can narrow it down to just two or three. After deciding that you need a branding solution, determine your budget, objectives, goals to meet and deadline. Talk to the agencies listing your goals. Choose the agency that can accomplish your objectives within your budget.

Many clients are unclear of what they’re looking for until they speak to an expert. Experts can help you realize your issues and needs. Once you have shortlisted your choice of brand agencies, consider the following to know the right agency:

  1. How is the company interacting with you?
  2. Are they timely, clear and responsive in their communication?
  3. In your first call to them, do they listen to your needs and attempt to know your business?
  4. How smooth is the interaction between their team and yours?
  5. Do they reschedule for a meeting or are they late?

You and your branding partner need to be compatible with people – because branding requires communication.

Does your agency see what makes you unique?

Branding is all about having something unique that others do not possess. Many of these agencies have no uniqueness in their work for clients. Your visual identity must express your company’s uniqueness, solve your challenges, and meet your design sensibility. A successful branding agency will have the ability to give you a fresh perspective.

Do they have expertise?

Branding goes beyond creating a new logo or picking the right color scheme. Your branding partner must be able to work across channels and mediums. Your strategy and design can make or break your brand. You want an agency that can deliver as per your requirements on both strategy and design.

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