Advantages of Cloud Hosting

Is your important business information safely stored?

Choose our Cloud Hosting services to store all your data where you enjoy the benefits of the cloud and cPanel.

Cloud hosting is a great alternative for businesses to host their websites on dedicated or shared servers. With round-the-clock support from our end and experience of providing all sizes of businesses their cloud hosting requirements, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to manage your infrastructure needs.


–    Incredible performance by robust Cloud Hosting infrastructure

–    Low density servers for high resource availability

–    Easy upgrade of CPU and RAM on demand

–    Monitor the performance of your hosting

–    No data loss due to hardware failures

–    Fast page loads and smart caching

–    Industry-leading CEPH based storage systems

Ready to enjoy cloud hosting? But not sure how to go about what you want? Our team helps you utilize our cloud infrastructure. Our cloud hosting infrastructure helps many businesses take leverage of our high-end processors. Due to our features of high storage and memory, over the years, many customers have chosen our cloud hosting to back up our data. With defined resource isolation, your website performance is better. It comes with fully integrated caching solution to help you deliver content fast. Your computing resources are freed so that you can work on more dynamic requests.

We provide CEPH based storage system that comes with automatic fail over. Three copies of your data are stored different locations. With our solutions, you can observe your resource utilization. Allocate an additional CPU or RAM to scale up as per your demand. You can upgrade your features by simply clicking on the upgrade button in your control panel. Our cloud hosting packages have set a benchmark for being reliable with dynamic provisioning. If at all there are any hardware issues, all your websites will automatically fail over to another stable server without having any downtime.

Author – Amar Kadam ( Business Developer )