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We are living in a technologically advanced time where everyone heavily relies on computers and the ever-expanding, all-powerful internet. Be it shopping for groceries or selling their bike; everyone has the convenience of completing tasks from the comfort of his or her home. In such a fast-paced world, running a business using the traditional brick and mortar setup is impossible.

On top of that, with the advancements in computer technology, competition in the world of business has increased by many folds. Adapting to the changes in the market is key to survival for companies that also ensures their existence in the long run.

Importance of Digital Marketing and how iDigitalise can help

Setting up a website is not enough for a business to succeed in their objectives. They need to properly market themselves and their products/services to compete with rivals. For promotion, enterprises need the assistance of digital marketing agency Mumbai like iDigitalise. The company is adept at supporting you through the intricacies of digital marketing. iDigitalise is one of the leading SEO company Mumbai that renders quality assured digital assistance to startups and business houses.

Whether an entrepreneur wants an SEO ready website that can boost their revenue generation and client conversion, or strengthen their online presence, iDigitalise is there to help.

iDigitalise is a digital marketing firm that started its journey back in 2012. It is headquartered in Mumbai and is passionate about assisting their clients in the digital realm. They render quality assured digital marketing solutions to both national and international clients at affordable rates.

Services offered

iDigitalise assists their clients with SEO backed digital marketing strategies and complete result driven solutions for:

  • Website Development & Designing
  • Online Business Promotion
  • Digital Marketing Growth Strategies
  • Market Research & Planning
  • Application Software Development
  • eCommerce Solutions
  • Online Brand Presence
  • Cloud email Services &
  • Customized Application Development.

Why Choose iDigitalize?

iDigitalise is one of the leading SEO company Mumbaii & Social Media Marketing Company Mumbai. The company provides business houses and entrepreneurs the convenience of popular digital marketing tools from the house of Google. iDigitalise is a customer-centric organization. They strive to deliver comprehensive and efficient digital marketing solutions with the sole aim of assisting their clients to reach the peak of success.

Benefits of Digital Marketing through iDigitalise

The company carefully implements the best digital marketing techniques essential for boosting a brand’s presence on the internet. Internet marketing is the future, and the future is now! Marketing through the internet helps in improving brand visibility, boost traffic on official sites and ensure client conversions. Following are some of the ways iDigitalise can help boost your business:


  • Improve Your Business Visibility
  • Enhance connectivity with your clients
  • Gather real-time feedback
  • To stay ahead of the competition
  • Validate your services/products/firm


Conclusive Remarks

Maintenance and establishment of online presence are crucial for business houses and entrepreneurs to show their clients that the firm is active, dynamic and adaptive. Internet marketing is a useful tool when a business wants to legitimize itself in the eyes of its clients. It is an intelligent and effective way of winning the preference of the customer and ensure client retention.

Advantages of Content Marketing Services 

We will market your content on social platforms.

With our content marketing services, your content – be it posts, images, articles will be seen by the world. We build a social community on social platforms for you. Spread the word around because readers need to know your brand. Whether it is “how to”informational blogs or informing people about new products, market your content.


– Higher visibility in search engines

– Fuels your online marketing channels

– Drives repeat business

– Helps with long sales cycles

– Improves brand reputation

– Tighter customer/reader relationships

– Increased referral traffic

  • SMS – Whether it is mobile text messages you want to send for marketing, sales increase, coupons distribution, discounts announcements or business notifications, we make you reach your customers easy and efficient.
  • Whats App – The expanding WhatsApp user base can be every brand best opportunity to connect to their audience who are active on the platform. With WhatsApp Marketing, contact your audience with campaigns.
  • Email Marketing – We can send for you many emails to enhance the relationship of your brand with your current, previous, new customers. You can encourage their customer loyalty and increase repeated business.
  • Voice Calls – With voice calling, it enables you to engage with your customers. You can call their Mobile/Land phone numbers with a pre-recorded voice message. The telephonic call will be through a fully automated Online System.
  • Blog Marketing – Brand awareness can be spread through engaging, far-reaching posts of your blogs. Through blog marketing, we provide brands a platform to positively market their blogs, products, services on the market.

Content marketing doesn’t really have a strategy to follow. We have an in-house experienced team that keeps redefining the marketing plan and executes new strategy.

We have a content marketing services team that has been helping companies share their story with the world. Our team redefines your content to your audience. Our team targets your audience at every stage of content distribution with relevant and timely content updates. Let our expert’s perform an extensive market research, determine the search intent of your potential users, and develop campaigns smartly. Every campaign design helped in improving brand awareness. Content distribution helps in organic search visibility.

Our content strategy team is experienced in optimization. They are experts in content engagement. We are familiar with how to scale content production and bring into focus all your content from creation to distribution. We’re experts at digital magazines management and content distribution, info graphics and everything in between.

Author – Sachin Kolekar (Marketing Head )

Is your audience visiting your website and leaving quickly?

Engage them with quality content by our Content Writing services. 

High quality content is the reason behind the success of any website. To retain visitors, readers and to have a high ranking on search engines, you need content, fresh and creative. It’s important to have original content for search engines and keep updating it with content regularly to entice people to return to your website.

Advantages of Content Writing Services 

– Improves your search engine rankings

– Increases user engagement with interactive content

– Makes your website informative

– Creates strong call to action on your webpage

– Target the right audience

– Get subscribers to your blogs

– Increases visibility of your brand

Content Writing services are to help brands express their objectives, services and provide information to customers. It keeps search engines happy too. Content is intended to arouse interest in your readers about the products or services offered. In short, only with creation and promotion of informative content that caters a targeted audience is deemed useful. Every website needs to updated information in the form of blogs, articles, info graphics, images and much more. The key is writing great content to influence people. It makes them think as per your standpoint and take action. Helpful, well timed content distributed with targeted content marketing expands popularity and consumer trust.

We write content that engages with your target market. Our content writers understand your need to convey your message and write original content for your targeted audience. Our planning for your content topics, keywords, format, and style is understood easily and effortlessly. We focus on writing content that is simple and catchy. With our content writing service, delivering your ideas, explaining your services, promoting your brand is easier.

Our content writers are experienced keeping your readers/customers interested. This is why most of our clients praise us for our easy to read and relevant content. Your readers will be able to understand what is conveyed without having to consult a dictionary. Too long, difficult words would be disastrous when customers are not able to understand the information provided. IDigitalise will provide fresh content for people from all sectors will understand easily.

Your content must portray your brand in a positive way. People are going to judge your designs, articles and blog posts and judge your brand accordingly. The content you post on your website can be the deciding factor for customers. To attract customers, you must publish good content on your website that means every blog must be of high quality. Making grammar errors can hamper your reputation which is why you need professionals to write for you. We understand how important high quality articles are. The importances of regular blog posts cannot be stressed enough. We are thorough to producing informative content without errors for our clients.

Only writing high quality content isn’t enough to let your readers know about you. The content must have the right keywords at the right density. There must be related search terms included in it to make it appear naturally in the content. Only then content that gets better visibility. We have some of the most experienced SEO content writers in the team for the job. We will be able to drive more traffic with SEO friendly content that boosts your SEO efforts.

Want immediate results?

PPC advertising gets the best conversion on ROI within an expected time

We understand how a well-planned pay per click advertising campaign benefits a company. Our team is all set to help you benefit the most from the same! It is this one of the most followed methods due to its cost-effective means. We can manage your promotion of your website through ads. It increases traffic on your site.

Advantages of Pay Per Click Services 

– Process driving approaches

– Complete PPC Campaign Management

– Creation of compelling and attractive ads

– Keyword optimization

– Landing page optimization

– Bid optimization

– Targeting niche customers

IDigitalise closes the gap between you and your global customers by helping optimize your website using our PPC techniques. Pay Per Click (PPC)is a part of the integral component of off-page SEO. It acts like fuel efficient technique that provides outbound links growing your virtual identity. Choose our PPC advertisement campaign. You need to pay only when users are clicking on your advertisements. Only ads that are clicked by the users are charged. PPC is one of  the efficient SEO tactic used. It is cheap, effective and promises high customer conversion rate too.

We are partners with leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. IDigitalise offers PPC services that are designed to meet your business goals. PPC is a medium your brand must explore for your website to rank higher. If you want to appear higher on the SERP with fast results, it’s a good option. It not only advertises your brand but a rather specific one with keyword specific advertisement.

Herein our SEO experts play their role of understanding your competition, industry, motives with you as well as within the team. Starting from placing your business goals to match the campaign to finding suitable keywords, our professionals see to everything. We do a vigorous research in ways to boost up your business website on targeted keywords on SERPs. By creating effective ad campaigns, we advice you on how to save while receiving promising results.

It is critical to attract the user by creating an accurate landing page that is sure to drive him to make a purchase of the service marketed. What we deliver is excellent user experience which entices the user to be attracted to your product. Whatever you may be offering, from subscription, registration or order, we device the right Pay Per Click campaign. Discover the journey from start-up to popular trending brand with us. Being visible on top results increases your chance of the right customer clicking on your advertisement. This in turn brings high conversion rate.

We offer PPC services and PPC management services. Our services help you to put across the specific message (written keywords) in your target region to the right people. Being one of the leading PPC Company, were delivering measurable results to many clients with our highly customized campaigns. Contact us for your PPC campaign.


Advantages of Facebook Advertising Agency

Want to be the most trending brand in the market?

Our Facebook Promotion for your brand will garner you more brand recognition

Facebook has maintained its popularity for many years. It is one of the most used platforms by individuals as well as brands. Our Facebook Promotion services will increase your reach to millions. We can create viral content to increase your followers, post likes, shares.


Advantages of Facebook Promotion

– Weekly review analysis and reports

– Sharing your content on Facebook

– Building brand awareness through micro blogging

– Create personal communication with targeted audience

– Drive more traffic to Facebook profile, profile and pages

– Explore unlimited opportunities to reach to millions

– Target specific groups or communities

IDigitalise helps you to start your Facebook promotion by creating your Facebook business page. It will be much like your personal account. Your business page will help you to reach, communicate with prospective customers as well as keep your relations strong with existing clients. We can extend support to customers on your behalf by responding quickly to their queries. We will promote your services to inculcate brand loyalty in your viewers through interacting with them.

We help you with paid Ad promotion if you choose. We will organically make your posts reach customers. Paid ads reach increasing numbers of targeted customers which can help in boosting your organic posts. Promotion can build long lasting relationships. We also create posts to garner more likes from new viewers and old. You can increase likes by making Sweepstakes and Referral promotions. We can create posts that make your website conversion by driving your post visitors from the Facebook business page to your website.

We start and make your marketing campaign on Instagram through Facebook. We will set up business manager linking your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This way we create ads for you in Instagram through the Ads Manager and Power Editor. Through your Facebook business page, we can promote your services by using the Facebook tools. We can create engaging posts through your business Facebook account to drive engagement taking users to your website. With your approval, we run contests on your page to create more excitement without having to use a third party.

Our Facebook marketing services makes you explore an ideal platform that has helped thousands of brands in promoting their identity. Being a leading Facebook marketing agency in the city, we ensure you have the best results. For successful Facebook marketing, you can contact us. Our effective strategies are intended to enhance your sales and raise your online reputation too. By the help of our marketing services specializing in Facebook, you can get connected to customers in your locality, country, all across the globe. We communicate for your business and maintain your page.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Agency

Is your brand social like you are?
Our SMO services help your website to be the viral brand.
SMM or “Social Media Marketing” is one of the crucial marketing strategies that brands are resorting to in this digital world. You communicate with family and friends with your personal social account, why not for your brand? Get the maximum reach to your audience.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

– Building brand awareness by personally engaging with consumers

– Increase your possibilities to attract new customers with interactive posts

– Form your social community for your subscribers to “like,” “comment,” share”

– Increase brand visibility to increase among potential buyers for more conversion

– Represent your brand to give a positive outlook through sharing content

– Strengthen relationships with existing customers and new viewers

– Get direct feedbacks from customers

In today’s world where everything is on social media, the vital part of every marketing campaign must involve social media marketing. Every company’s social media marketing strategy affects its reputation in the market. Making an effective social campaign is one way to establish your brand both online and offline.

iDigitalise is also a social media marketing company having a dedicated team that specializes in creating successful strategies. We have brought mind-blowing results, great reviews, and many likes for our clients. Our team has the knowledge and passion required for planning your campaign, creating compelling content that viewers share. We help your brand get the recognition and be shared by crafting a creative, workable strategy that is planned for an in-depth analysis. Our strategy includes crafting content tailored-made to help you benefit from various social platforms.

The influence of digital media on the world can be explored to the fullest. With our social media marketing services, you can dominate a major part of the expanding digital influence among people. Looking at the craze of people using such platforms, brands can benefit by creating a result-oriented strategy. We can help you keep customers engaged which can be a challenge for a business that has many priorities to take care of.

Several established platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram have become a part of our lives. Why not tap your potential customers on it? A well-crafted campaign is an integral part of your social existence. People spend 11 hours of an average internet to browse through their news feed. Prospective customers who are searching for services/products or information or exploring new brand pages may notice you. It will come as good news for brands that there are over 1 billion users of social platforms which gives you ample scope to form a large consumer base.

Looking for a social media marketing company that will create for you a successful campaign? Get in touch with us today for a competitive quote.

Search engine Optimization Company

Not receiving enough traffic from your website? Our SEO services help your website to appear in top Google rankings.

SEO or “Search Engine Optimization” is a hot trend in the marketing strategies. It is the process required to rank a website higher in search engine results. Ranking a website with on-page and off-page SEO tactics brings in organic search results with increased ROI results.

Increased website visibility to Advantages of Search engine Optimization

  • drive organic traffic
  • Cost-effective long-term results
  • Receive valuable views from intended target audience
  • Higher return on investment
  • Be visible above your competition
  • Generate leads from targeted audience
  • Increased sales and potential customers

A website without being seen on Google is like a car that is never driven. Who buys a car to only keep it in a car shed? Similarly, would you create a website without letting people know about you?

When everyone searches for everything on Google, who doesn’t want to rank their products, services or information on Google search?  Sure, everyone wants to rank first in Google search takes huge effort and time. Appearing on the first page of search results is not possible overnight. A company will have thousands of competitors to beat. It is not an easy task to surpass all of them with little to no effort.

We understand that a business has other endeavors to focus on. Therefore, iDigitalise was created. We at iDigitalise do everything it takes to makes sure your webpage ranks on top results. Starting with an extensive understanding of your business, conduct keyword research, do a thorough competition analysis, we strategize your SEO campaign. Our services also extend to content marketing to link to your webpage with the most suitable keywords. Content is an important medium to gain quality outbound links. We use the best optimization strategies.

Our SEO strategy is first mapped to plan out in a way to know the kind of competitors we are dealing with. Only with careful strategy can we generate for you organic traffic leads by users actually wanting your products. With on-page and off-page SEO, your website gets an increasing amount of traffic. Many of our customers have given us feedbacks that their website traffic has grown tremendously.

Contact us for competitive quotes to start improving your website rankings today. You will be surprised with the increase in traffic and brand awareness for your website.

Looking for an SEO agency that provides guaranteed first-page ranking? Get in touch with us today.

Author – iDigitalise

How Digital Marketing Agency Helps to Increase Your Business ?

Digital Marketing is a wide term that has been around for quite a while but hasn’t been very well defined, encompassing things like banner advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click. Yet, this is too narrow of a definition. What about email, RSS, voice broadcast, fax broadcast, blogging, podcasting, video streams, wireless text messaging, and instant messaging? You get the idea. We use smart technology to power rich creative across content, web, mobile and social media campaigns. Our highly experienced team draws on backgrounds in marketing, advertising, technology and social media to strategize and drive execution on programs that drive results.

Marketing or Advertising is one of the most excellent concepts for getting more traffic it includes various ways like television, radio, internet and more. Now people are using internet for advertising. Digital marketing is one of the best medium to get nonstop traffic. It aims to get traffic from various sources like Social Media, Search Engines and YouTube. Mostly people don’t know about digital marketing, just glance here.

In internet mainly video creation and social media marketing comes under these digital marketing concepts. In this booming technology all are interested about watching online videos like YouTube, photobucket, myspace, Dailymotion, Stupeflix because no one has time to read articles and blogs that’s why everyone prefer video for getting knowledge on particular things.

Here is Few Advantages 

Increase brand awareness of your brand.
Increase brand Visibility of your products & services.
Increase organic traffic of your website.
Return on Investment is greater than traditional marketing.
Cost effective way to promote your business online
You can start with any budget and any across globe. There is no area limitation
You can target right location, age group and gender people online.
It saves huge printing cost.
No place limitation for digital marketing
It helps to increase revenue and sales of business
You can found in Search Engines like Google , Yahoo etc
It is one of cheapest medium of promoting business online.

Researching Your Marketplace

Do you know who your audience is?
Do you know the size of your potential audience?
Do you know where they ‘hang out’ online?
Do you know how to reach that audience?
The Digital Strategy will answer all of these questions and more, clearly defining what is required and what needs to be done to make you stand out online. This involves research into other brands that are making a splash in your marketplace, getting data about the search keywords your audience are typing into Google to find organisations like yours, and evaluating the websites of your competitors.

Author- Alkesh Kadam ( SEO Specialist)