Why should get mobile responsive design?

Let get to know what is Responsive Web Design and should you opt for it? In the past, businesses had more than one site for each screen size. They built multiple websites to fit different screen sizes. Through responsive web design, one site is able to fit the size of any device. Your customers can see your website perfectly with the same URL and same content source. A mobile responsive website has the ability to adjust to the mobile screen.

It enhances your customer’s browsing experience. Your website will look as beautiful and work well on any internet-abled device. Be it a desktop (or laptop), a tablet or a mobile, it is equally user-friendly.

#1 Responsive Layout

The number one benefit your business can benefit from a responsive layout is the best user experience. Mobile responsiveness guarantees your users that no matter what the device is, he will have the best experience on your website. And, equal consistency. It refines your website content ensuring the most important ones are viewable on a mobile device.

With Google’s algorithm update, mobile-friendly is one of the factors to fulfill for SEO ranking. Mobile responsive web design makes your website visible on search engines. A site that provides an effective mobile experience will rank higher in search results compared to ones without.

Why responsive design is important

Increase reach to mobile users on their tablets and smartphones

Increase lead generation and sale opportunities with consistent user experience

Decrease in cost and time on website content management

Stay ahead of the competition in the search results

There are two methods of offering a mobile-friendly experience. The first is Dynamic Serving – a method using the same URL with different HTML and CSS code. With this method, web pages know the device being used and serve the correct code. The second method involves using a separate mobile site as Facebook does. When users visit your website on a mobile device, you can send them to a different mobile-specific URL.

Google caters to over 5.7 billion searches daily. The Google-recommended design is responsive web design.

Best Web Designing Service Provider

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  • More traffic from mobile viewers
  • Faster mobile development at lower costs
  • Ensure optimal layout on every screen size
  • Helps improve your webpage’s loading speed
  • Better user experience for the visitor
  • Consistent user experience across all devices
  • Mobile optimized sites get extra SEO benefit

Websites must employ responsive web designing to look their best and perform as planned on every screen and device. Every page widths, image color, font size must adjust automatically and this is what our responsive website designing services do. We aim to match every web page to the screen size and dimensions from an HD monitor to a smart phone. When you partner with our responsive website design company, your website looks equally impressive as on the desktop as it does on a mobile.

We incorporate mobile responsive design in every project. When you’re looking for designing services, look no farther than Idigitalise. We are a leading design company that delivers responsive solutions. Your web pages will be navigable, user-friendly on every screen size, device and browser. While designing our client’s sites, we ensure there is proper readability with ease in navigation. The sites are designed keeping in mind the user can use any device so the call to action must be clearly visible.