A Bad Web-design Can Cost You Business A Lot !!

A Bad Web-design Can Cost You Business A Lot !!

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”
— Dr. Ralf Speth

A factor that renders to which design,brand,company,product or service we stick to or return over and over again, is a good web-design. A website designed without considering the user prominently is never considered by the User. As said “A Website is never finished until used by Masses’’. A Bad UI can can cost  your Business in numerous ways.

 Waste of Time & Money

It not only wastes the time & money you invested in getting a website for your business but you also lose profits. Can’t find repeated users on your website? A bad web-design is totally waste of time and interest for your users. You might get one-time visitors for a short duration of time, but it will never lead to repetitive visitors.

 Poor Online Business

In this competitive market, everyone is looking for factors to earn your dollars! You lag behind on one thing and someone else is there to take your position! A bad web-design won’t lead to more no. of online visitors and soon your customers will switch to your competitors.

 Doesn’t rank on Google

A bad design will definitely hurt SEO. Imagine your users go online search for a product,service,solution and your website right comes in front of them,Good job! Then the user hardly stays for a while on your website goes back to search engine ranking page and looks for other results, Sad!  A Bad UI will in turn take you below your competitors.

 Loss of Online Enquiries

Invested a lot on Paid Campaigns and still can’t find business? Go back and check your landing pages from a user’s point of you.. Can’t find it interesting? A person will definitely land on your website but won’t submit the form. Make the best possible responsive pages to get maximum number of online enquiries and boost the rate of potential customers.

Here are some signs of bad web design:

Being a Web development agency – sorry to break this to you, but decent site design is not necessarily just about what is pretty.  Outdated, bad web design can enable you to lose potential clients. For contemporary businesses, there’s something far more important than the look: Whether or not the design helps achieve company goals (like making money). So are you absolutely certain your design is good for business? 

1. No custom homepage

Customized homepages would be the new standard for internet business sites at this time. The days when it was good enough to simply have a whole lot of standard widgets and elements on the homepage with just one simple”welcome message” are long gone.

2. Multiple goals from single pages

This is mostly a challenge with customer projects, instead of with our own sites. Clients are naturally tempted to want to pursue a load of different goals in their websites, and preferably all at exactly the exact same time.

3. Not using landing pages

Speaking of chasing single goals from single pages, there’s no other kind of page that is better at achieving this than the notion of a landing page. Most landing pages don’t have sidebars, footers, branded headers, and it’s not unusual to see landing pages that don’t link the logo of the website to the homepage.

4. Neglecting Mobile Users

As soon as you go through the trouble of giving each page a goal, you need to ensure visitors can explore the webpage. Visitors using your site from a mobile device deserve the same ease of use as somebody seeing from a desktop device.

 Figure out the cost of a bad web-design and you will willingly invest in a good web-design.


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