Good Design Vs Bad Design

Good Design Vs Bad Design

Some websites are Good while some websites are Bad – it sounds pretty easy to label a website as a good one or a bad one, but the real question is, what does it take to term a website as Good or Bad?  

Depending on the years of experience and expertise, I’m sure that the list of terming the website as good or bad is going to differ. The first thing I would like to consider is the overall look and feel of a website, a major reason why I might term a website as good or bad. If it lacks the overall unique design, it just won’t live up to the mark in the present era. 

And deciding this deals with the basic questions, like, can I read the text?  Is the font itself readable, and is it too big or too small? Can I understand it? Am I able to navigate through different menus?

Bad Websites

A negative answer to all the above questions is what a bad website will deliver. A website that confuses the user at all is definitely a BIG NO for a user.

This list describes what all say BYE to your website:

  • If a homepage that is too flashy and busy
  • If a website leads their user on a scavenger hunt to search for particular information
  • Improper usage of colors
  • Lengthy unorganized content
  • Illegible fonts
  • Coloured/Underlined text that is not a link
  • Paragraphs in all caps/bold/italic
  • Endless scrolling
  • Useless Website Junk & Clutter
  • Broken Links

Bad Effects of Bad Websites:

– Damages your credibility

– Reduces the no. of visitors to your website

– Poor customer feedback

– Reduces online sales

– Hampers your online reputation

– Loss of Online Inquiries

– Doesn’t rank on Google

Good Websites

This list describes what all say HELLO to your website:

  • A creative homepage that talks more about the business
  • A website with easy, user friendly navigations
  • Proper usage of colors
  • Proper usage of Font type,font size,font colors
  • No dummy content
  • No broken Links
  • Visually appealing designs and banners
  • Good Landing Pages
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to understand navigators

Good Effects of Good Website:

– Increases the number of potential customers

– Increases credibility and performance.

– Market Expansion

– Boosts Sales

– Improves your online presence

– Expands your business without any geo-limitation

– Helps you reach targeted ROI

“Good design is about opening the door to your customers, giving a smile, taking their hand and walking them through your product”

All these differences between a good design and bad design though are it for websites, logos, banners, pamphlets definitely affect your business growth. Imagine investing so much on paid campaigns and still not having visitors that land on your website, not submitting a form? That’s because they simply didn’t find you interesting. Make the best design to attract new customers and maintain result-oriented business, for overall online business growth.

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