How Lockdown has Changed Digital Marketing Forever

How Lockdown has Changed Digital Marketing Forever

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the world to a crushing pause, no doubts. Facing lockdown in India twice to fight the coronavirus epidemic, it already seems to be a changed place. Indians are certainly more active online than ever before, learning more about products and services. Along with immensely distressing economies, the corona situation has also drastically changed consumer purchases and their response to brands. Since March 2020, with the majority of the world facing partial or complete shutdown, we are seeing a rise of the “new normal.”

Driving the new changes in digital marketing companies in India during coronavirus became significant. Coronavirus lockdown has frozen many business procedures starting from manufacturing, supply chain to logistics and marketing. Dramatic growth in internet ad and social media usage is an undeniable fact. People are connecting more online due to social distancing. WhatsApp and Facebook usage these days have increased almost by 70%.

As Albert Einstein notably said, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”. This is a supreme opportunity for companies to shape their brand equity by understanding what their consumers are searching for. Changes in consumer and public behaviour, also permit for the swing in digital marketing services approach.

Here are few methods on how brands can familiarize their digital and social media marketing deeds to this lockdown, to the new normal and shift in consumer behaviour patterns:

How brands can use digital marketing companies in India to grow their Business:

1.Digital marketing companies in India understand the audience:

Brands must rethink the customer understanding now, that the buyers are not likely to spend hours in the shopping center. They must turn and deliver to an online audience, ensuring customers can notice new products and buy them easily without going to shops physically.

Some marketers use outwardly owned e-commerce platforms while understanding marketers turn to social commerce features, which involves consumers as they scroll through their social media feeds. When it comes to product responsiveness and new innovation, 60% of Instagram users now say that they find new products on Instagram. That’s how social commerce has been exciting to customers and priceless to brands.

2.Digital marketing agencies emphasize and get creative:

It is the greatest time now to concentrate capitalizing on organic social media. With always high engagement, consumers are looking at brands that carry on to show their spirit during trials. Get creative. Express how your brand is enthusiastically making a difference in the community. Make more engaging posts that connect with the consumer’s emotions.

3.Digital marketing services focus more on pay-per-click (PPC):

PPC is a fast and effective way to improve your digital presence. Boosting your paid search ads for the crisis based on international search trends will be significant. The good news is PPC effects are quickly calculable and appropriate to the altering business and marketing environment.

Thinking about the long-term, some marketers also use PPC to form or preserve brand awareness while their core business has taken a pause. This is a clever move, driving them in an upright position to quickly restore their sales funnel when the business resumes.

4.Don’t Ignore The Coronavirus Situation:

Businesses are not usual now. Therefore, messaging needs to deliver this emotion too. A recent survey states, almost 57% of the consumers felt that brands should stop advertising that is hilarious or too cheerful. The same survey emphasized that 84% of the people wanted brands to concentrate their advertising on how products or services can support people survive in crisis and 77% of them wanted brands to express that they were aware of the crisis and its effect on survival.

This shows the type of images and content used in ads during trials are impacting purchase decisions. Ads with hugging, kissing or any physical nearness actions are adversely persuading purchase behaviors. Ads showcasing social distancing scenarios are more acceptable.


During this time of disaster, people are turning to trustworthy brands. This is the best time to build their brand equity. How brands showcase their digital presence today, will enormously impact how consumers recognize them even after the crisis. Digital marketing companies in India can help you grow digitally.  Depending on your product, mark presence on Facebook, Google ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. There’s so much to benefit your business and customers back through the door. Want to hire the top digital marketing company in Mumbai for your business growth? Connect today.

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