More than a company, Bixa Botanical is a dream - to share the collective knowledge of five generations of a family with the world; secrets of Herbal Healing that have been painstakingly accumulated over the last 140 years. In 2015, this dream took its first step towards becoming reality, with Bixa products being made directly available to consumers. Today,customers can reach out to their herbal products through their e-commerce platform.


The company's main purpose was to gather more no. of potential customers through their e-commerce platform and sell their herbal products worldwide.


  • Understanding their LOB.
  • Responsive Web design.
  • Creative content.
  • Content Polishing.
  • SEO friendly website.
  • Appealing banners.
  • Proper product alignment.
  • Error free shopping cart experience.


The company is now able to reach more no. of customers worldwide through their e-commerce platform and in-turn generate more sales.


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