Fermenta Biotech Limited ( www.fermentabiotech.com )


FBL manufactures and supplies Vitamin D3 (the only manufacturer and supplier in India and among the top few manufacturers in the world) and constantly looks for value addition. FBL manufactures cholecalciferol also known as Vitamin D3 for further applications in global pharmaceutical, food, veterinary and feed industries (premix); cholecalciferol solutions for use in human food supplements; Vitamin D3 resin in oil and Vitamin D3 500 feed grade for use in animal feed supplements; and activated dimethicone powder (Silicon Powder) for antiflatulent use.


FBL wanted to build their organic search traffic and increase sales through their website. FBL wanted be exactly in front of the people who are looking for vitamin D suppliers and manufacturers. The website had a couple of issues like low page speed, lacked mobile friendliness ,missing or incorrect header tags/image tags , the keywords which were to be ranked for were also missing in the website’s content.


  • Improved technical optimization of the site, fixing issues and addressed old site architecture problems.
  • Keyword Research Analysis.
  • Content submission and improved blogging methodologies.
  • Title & Meta Tags Optimization
  • Improved URL structures.
  • Conversion Tracking.


The site now has better google rankings and this has ultimately resulted in their business growth. Team iDigitalise was able to successfully rank 9 keywords on first page of google.

SN Keywords Current Google Rank
1 Manufacturers of Vitamin D3 1 Page
2 Cholecalciferol Manufactures India 1 Page
3 Vitamin D3 1 Page
4 Cholecalciferol Suppliers India 1 Page
5 CAL B Lipase 1 Page
6 Candida Antarctica Lipase B 1 Page
7 Phenyramidol HCl 1 Page
8 Fenyramidol 1 Page
9 Activated Dimethicone Powder 1 Page

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