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Helped over 2500 candidates to find ideal jobs

Over 2500 organic leads were produced in only four years with our guaranteed ranking and traffic in SEO services. Targeting 22 keywords for USA, Guyana. France. Trinidad & Tobago, Suriname, Mexico and French Guiana in which most of the keywords we’re ranking in the top 10

About Client

One Jsl – Internationally

JSL International, established in 2008 and now present in 12 nations, provides centralised manpower, logistics, and catering services for oil and gas facilities, in addition to other onshore and offshore services.

Keywords are on 1st page for every location
Leads generated
Website visits
Lead quality increased
GMB call increased
followers on Facebook platform within 6 months
The Brief

With a performance marketing solution, the client desired to rank among all the keywords with 5+ locations. The goal was to produce inbound traffic and quality leads while ranking higher in search results than rivals.


Initially, we focused on looking for keywords with search traffic, developing websites and providing other SEO services, blogging, optimizing both on-page and off-page content, managing Google My Business and social media, and so on.

The Problem/Challenge
Low Lead Count
Low deficiency of leads was among the major issues.
Technical Issues
Because of its poor development, the website is not ideal for search engine optimization.
Not User-Friendly
The website was not user-friendly because of its structure, complexity, incompatibility with mobile devices, slow loading times, absence of relevant details and poor-quality images.
Issue of Ranking
The website was having difficulty ranking for more than 20 keywords for several locations because of the high search volume.
Social Media Presence
The client has a smaller number of followers on social media platforms.
achievement at idigitalise
High Competition
The manpower resourcing industry is a very competitive and demanding one.
The Result

Within three months, 15+ keywords we worked with ranked on Google’s first page, 500+ inquiries in the first year, & 750+ gmb calls were generated. This growth indicates the client’s confidence in our skills and shows that we can accommodate their various marketing requirements.

Facts & Figures
Manpower Resourcing 1
manpower planning and resourcing 1
manpower human resource 2
manpower resource 1
human resource manpower planning 1
Manpower Recruitment Agency 2
Manpower Consultancy 2
Manpower Resourcing Company 2
Offshore Manpower Resourcing 1
Onshore Manpower Resourcing 1
catering usa 3
offshore catering companies 1
Shore Based Logistics 4
Shore Based Warehousing 1
human resource outsourcing company 1
human resource consulting company 3
the best human resources companies 2
human resource management company 2
human resource service company 1
oil and gas logistics 1
oil & gas logistics 1
offshore drilling contractors 1
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