Digital Campaign

It’s All About gaining Online Visibility and Targeted ROI. Boosts Online Performance.

Any Digital Campaigns that breaks the silence and gets visibility can be termed as a result-driven strategic campaign. Team iDigitalise runs no. of digital marketing campaigns based on research, media planning and result-oriented strategies.

What we Do?

Brand Awareness Campaign

Lead Generation Campaign

Website Traffic Campaign

Video Views Campaign

App Installs Campaign

Engagement Campaign

Store Visits Campaign

Sales Campaign

Reach Campaign

Elections Campaign

Call to Action

Event Campaign

Benefits of Digital Campaign

  • Helps to generate targeted leads
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Increases no. of customers/store visitors
  • Boosts online performance
  • Builds a reputed social profile
  • Drive more traffic to Facebook profile, profile and pages
  • Explore unlimited opportunities to reach to millions
  • Increased sales and potential customers


As a Marketer/Business owner you are always on the way to look out for ideas to boosts sales or attract more customers or campaigns that works best for your business. Campaigns that are out-of-the-box tend to perform well. Different types of digital campaigns that are must to boosts your business are listed below:

Lead Generation Campaign:

We understand that a business has other endeavors to focus on. Therefore, iDigitalise was created.

If you’re doing a lead generation campaign (or if you’re driving traffic to a landing page where you collect email addresses), you’ll build your email list so you can follow up with these prospective clients outside of Facebook. Prospective Campaigns helps you build your targeted audience,increase interest in your product and help people know what you sell.

Brand Awareness/Reach Campaign:

Your Business is on all social platforms, but hardly anyone knows about it??? That’s sad. A brand awareness campaign builds your online identity. Increases your online performance and helps audience to identify your Line-of-business.

Store Visit Campaign:

Increased likes, subscribers, followers ?? Yet not getting expected store visits? It’s time to run a store visit campaign. Let more number of targeted audience know what’s there in store for them. Don’t just drive traffic, drive targeted traffic.


Got amazing content?? Attract more customers with amazing content through engagement campaigns. Cause a out-of-the box content drives your audience’s interest and ultimately boosts sales or brings more visibility. An engagement campaign helps to get a tag of being Socially Active.

Be Clear with your goals whether it is awareness, engagement, store visits, sales, catalogue sales or messages. Once you know your ultimate goal, team iDigitalise strategically runs your campaign to achieve targeted ROI.