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A hair transplant clinic’s revenue has increased 30 times.

Through our full-service performance marketing solution, our client’s business has grown
30 times and is now the most popular and best hair transplant clinic in Turkey.


About Client

Blue Magic Group International, London, UK

BlueMagic Group International is a top-five and premium
hair transplant clinic in Turkey.


30 x
Revenue Growth
4.5k +
Surgeries Booked
150 %
CPL Reduced
group strategy
15k +
Lead Generated
10 x
80 %
Quality Leads Delivered
Highly competitive keyword ranked in Google 1st page among 4+ countries
70% +
Keywords Ranked Top 30 within 4 months
PR on DA 70+ website
Increased patient management process and employees work efficiency
The Brief

The client wanted to grow their business and revenue by 4–10 times with a performance marketing solution. The first step was to design and build a world-class website, get quality leads, benchmark them, and rank it in Google SEO.



We manage paid ads across more than 10 platforms, including web development, search engine optimization (SEO) services, social media marketing, lead generation, design and branding services, content marketing, CRM integration, WhatsApp API, PR and software development services, etc.


The Challenge
achievement at idigitalise
Ugly Website
At an early stage, the website was extremely ugly, with poor aesthetics, a lack of trends, a slow loading speed, a user-friendly UI, and a poor CTA.
Brand Position
The brand keywords were having almost 0 search volume and unknown brand in their industry.
Low Leads Volume
Low lead volume was one of the issues.
save more
High CPL
CPL stands for Cost per lead.
Quality Traffic and Leads
Quality traffic and quality leads were the second major problem when we took over the work.
Social media
Low Interaction Rate
"Interaction rate" measures how often people interact with your ad after it's shown to them. It was another problem the client was facing.
Poor Consulting Ratio
Consultation ratio was very poor. The rate of patients attending/ responding to virtual medical consultation for hair transplant.
Low Conversion rate
Conversion is actual patient who book the surgeries
Poor Ranking and organic traffic
Website wasn't ranking for brand as well services centric keywords in search engine.
Poor presence
on social media platforms
Social media
Manual and unorganized
patient management process
The Result

Our relationship with the client started with a trial project worth 1,000 pounds. However, because of our revenue and growth strategy, wisdom, and skill, the client has since hired us to provide full services like websites, cloud computing, software, SEO, SMO, PR, performance marketing, and other business consulting and has been doing so for more than 3 years. 

We spent $X million, which allowed us to book over 4500 surgeries and increase ROAS FROM 3x TO 30x


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Client Feedback after deliver the website
BlueMagic Group Ltd

I collaborate with them since over a year now. These people are very great, always available and professional in what they do.


Pasquale Minasi, CEO


best agency in india
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