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We Are Givers

We value a social contribution at iDigitalise and commit 10–30% of our profits
to caring for animals, birds, trees, society, and the environment.


Our Contribution

We go beyond business to take care of important social, environmental, and economic needs in order to help a special part of our society and meet their warm needs. Environmental sustainability, human capital enhancement, and animal welfare are our primary concerns.


Team iDigitalise

Employee Welfare and Engagement

We believe work is best when it’s balanced with family and social life. So we cover medical aid, childcare, recreation, and more to retain social security.


Blanquet Distribution to Needy People

Helping needy people whose eyes are swollen with cold and who require warmth This effort is aimed at achieving emotional fulfillment and fostering social consciousness.


Plantation Camp

Together with Mother Nature and to meet her needs, we plan a campaign to plant trees to reduce the risk of global warming and climate change.


Sports and fitness activity

We plan sports and fitness activities to keep our overall health in good shape. These activities help us stay physically fit and release endorphins, which are good for our mental health.


Environment Care

Earth has given us a lot, and to keep it clean, we do things like clean up water bodies, clean up dirty streets, and start campaigns to plant trees.


Water and grains feeders for birds Installation

Many animals and birds die during the summer due to a lack of water and food.  On the Marathi New Year, iDigitalise put out food and water for the local birds. In Ambwade, we distributed 64 units.

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