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Custom Product Development Services

To meet your growing needs, iDigitalise offers highly customized product development services
and cutting-edge solutions to help you manage internal and external
operations and grow your business to its fullest potential.


Product development

Investing in custom product development will save time, money, and resources in the long run.
Don’t let your competitors get ahead—benefit from our cutting-edge services today!

Ideation and research
Ideation and research

Through research, observation, and co-creation, we find out what the market needs so we can come up with new product and service ideas and test them.

Product consulting
Product consulting

With our consultation services, you get sales forecasts, product profitability, improved product development predictability, and the creation of innovative products.

Product design and development
Product design and development:

We make cutting-edge products with unique UI/UX, content that gets to the point, and designs that are full of features that will set you apart from competitors.

Product redesign
Product redesign

Before we help you build, design, test, and ship the solution, we help you find, analyze, and confirm the problem that your product solves.

Training and documentation
Training and documentation

As a training and documentation consultant, we make training programs to help customers and consultants understand the technology and how it works.

Cloud Infrastructure
Cloud Infrastructure

We enable cloud infrastructure in your product to reduce costs, make deployment easier, and increase the scalability and security of the product.

Market a new product
Market a new product

Not only do we create innovative products, but we also market them under your brand and generate market authority and buzz.


iDigitalise offers support and maintenance services for your applications to keep their quality and speed up over their whole lifecycle.

Web Development Technologies
We Work With
VUE js
Node js
Code igniter
Mongo DB
Web Frameworks
Cloud and DevOps
AWS Cloud
Microsoft Azure's
Google Cloud
IBM Cloud
React Native

#1 SEO agency in India and Globally

Providing excellent results for over 165 clients from 40 countries

We are a leading SEO Agency in India with a global presence. With nearly 15 years in the industry, our team of over 50+ highly-qualified SEO professionals who work with hundreds of businesses improve their Google rankings, website traffic, brand visibility, and online revenue. Our reputation is built on our quick response to algorithm changes, timely strategic pivots, and our commitment to transparent communication with our clients.

Years of work experience
Clientele from over 40 countries
Satisfied and happy clients
Billion revenue generated
Millions leads generated
Success Stories

Being the best SEO Agency in India and worldwide, we take great satisfaction in having serviced 165+ customers from 40 different countries.

We have dealt with businesses of all kinds and are also conversant with the state of the market in many different sectors.

Our extensive knowledge and experience result from the job we have completed. Among the main clients we have dealt with are these:

technosoft logo
Technosoft Engineering
SEO Drives Growth for B2B Engineering Leaders
One JSL image
One Jsl - Internationally
Helped over 2500 candidates to find ideal jobs
Scaffold Supply, USA
More than 85+ keywords on the 1st page of Google search within 4 months that turn into million-dollar online orders
Matoshree Hospital, India
We rank 25+ keywords in Google Local SEO and generate 350+ Inbound calls per month.
10k+ Organic inquiries generated
Within three months, over 50 keywords have achieved first-page Google rankings.
Tatsuno India Pvt Ltd
Because of our growth strategy approach, and skill, the client has since hired us to provide full services like website maintenance, cloud computing, SEO.
Successfully Sold Over 125 homes
We've launched and managed two impressive real estate projects using our digital expertise.
Logo DNA
DNA Goa, Goa, India
Within the first three months, we ranked more than 130 keywords on Google's first page, and our client has remained with us since 2018.
Bluemagic logo
30x revenue growth for Healthcare
Through our full-service performance marketing solution, a hair transplant clinic's revenue has grown by 30 times.
Sold more than 1500+ Homes
More than 25 real estate projects have been launched and run well with the help of our digital and performance marketing solutions.
Industries we serve
Healthcare _ pharma
Healthcare & pharma
As providers work to keep doctors' schedules full and hospitals running smoothly, we thrive on patient care and experiences that have been changed by disruptive innovations in healthcare.
We do research, design, develop, restructure, and re-engineer higher education curricula, content, pedagogy, assessments, and programs to help them grow.
Our teams of experienced product development experts work closely with clients to define, build, and improve compelling, high-performance product solutions.
FMCG and Retails
Retail and FMCG
Our consumer research and product development facilities help companies innovate and grow. We help companies reach their target market and satisfy customers.
Business process automation
Business process automation
We can help you automate your business to make it more productive, improve job satisfaction, make it more efficient, keep track of inventory, and make it more accurate.
Travel _ hospitality
Travel & hospitality:
We make custom software for managing travel businesses, getting travel quotes, booking travel, keeping track of travel inventory, getting tour guide services, and figuring out how much a hotel will cost.
Advertising _ digital marketing
Advertising & digital marketing
Your target audience will be more interested in your business if you use a custom web application and product design to highlight what makes it special.
Concept development
Concept development
We'll help you come up with ideas, design, build, deploy, test, and improve your product so you can see how customers react before it goes on sale.
Product development processes

Ideation and market research

The process begins with understanding users, the problem statement, and mapping of solutions for the user group via deep market research and ideation.


Product Consultation

Product launches must be profitable. A product business plan will include all of the economic variables involved in developing and marketing the product.


Requirement gathering

Every product requires several technologies and equipment, including embedded systems, IoT, etc., which are gathered at this stage to streamline the process.


Technology stack finalizes

After mapping the requirements and technologies, the finalization of the precise technology in proportion to the product requirements is done.


Resource planning and budgeting

After a project’s viability is determined, planning begins. Budgets for different product strands, staff resources, tasking designations, engineering methods, etc. will be set.


Detailed documentation

All the planned resources, technologies, user needs, technological needs, and budget are thoroughly documented, along with the estimated time of completion.



A wireframe depicting high-level functionality, page layout, and user experience is plotted after intense brainstorming and showcasing of potential features.


Database design

Database application development is the process of gathering and analyzing real-world requirements, as well as designing the system’s data and functions.


UI Design

Here, a concept for different product pages, content, and responsive designs in line with the brand is developed, along with optimization and experimentation. 


User Experience

Here, designers are motivated to think in unconventional ways, achieve innovative results, collaborate with different sections, and perform business analysis.


Middleware development

Middleware solutions bridge the gap between different software components by connecting multi-vendor enterprise modules, software systems, and legacy applications.


Time to time testing 

The product’s functionality is validated during the testing phase of product development. This testing phase begins when the product objective is achieved and deployed.


Backend and dashboard

A back-end product developer will handle database migrations, API integrations, and server-side technologies that make a website work.


Test cases

Here, the goal is to find situations the developer missed. Creating test cases identifies requirements gaps and changes that are required.



After the product is completed, pre-launch marketing strategies are implemented to ensure a successful product launch and generate initial sales+revenue.



After creating a buzz in the pre-launch stage, the product is launched in the market with greater hype and marketing strategies that provide consistent sales.


Ongoing performance marketing

The marketing in terms of educating end users, attracting them, optimizing products, and getting the latest updates for customers is done to keep the products selling.



Product support includes installation, user training, maintenance, and repair, which provides superior consumer support and preserves a positive market reputation.

Frequently asked questions
The frequently asked questions regarding Product Development

Product development, also known as “new product management,” is a series of steps that include coming up with ideas, designing, making, and marketing new or rebranded goods or services. Product development is the process of making a product, from the first idea to after it hits the market.

Our new product development stages/services include

  • Product Ideas and Problem-Solving
  • The minimum viable product development
  • UX and Customer Engagement Design
  • Digital Capabilities Development
  • Automation of Tests (Test Driven Development)
  • Engineering for Build and Release (DevOps)

The process of making a new product strategy is to use new ideas to improve existing products or to make new products that the market wants. This is important when the current sources of income start to go down or stay the same. Then, you need to bring innovation to every stage of product development, from coming up with an idea to putting it on the market.

A well-done new product development (NPD) strategy accurately reflects what your clients want and keeps time, money, and other resources from being wasted.

Here are some reasons why product development is important:

  • To meet the rapidly changing needs of consumers
  • To beat the competition by giving better value at the same prices
  • To keep up with changes in technology,
  • To find new ways for your business to stay alive and grow.
  • To minify risks
  • To build your brand name and get it known
  • To give something back to the world

Services for designing and making a new product have several steps, and each one has its own schedule. Depending on how important, complicated, and big the project is, the process of coming up with ideas, screening them, and taking all the other steps to build the Minimum Viable Product of a new product can take anywhere from 3 months to a year. From now on, how the market works will depend on who owns the product.

Based on the product requirements, we choose the technology to be employed. Our talented software engineers know a lot about the newest technology and have a lot of experience making products that are both new and fully functional.

  1. Ideation and market research
  2. Product Consultation
  3. Requirement gathering
  4. Technology stack finalize
  5. Resource planning and budgeting
  6. Detailed documentation
  7. Wireframing
  8. Database design
  9. UI design
  10. User exchange
  11. Middleware development
  12. Time to time testing 
  13. Backend and dashboard
  14. Test cases
  15. Launch
  16. Pre-launch 
  17. Launch
  18. Ongoing performance marketing
  19. support
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