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Google Tag Management Services

Implement an efficient way for managing marketing and performance activities. Tracking and measurement are doable from Google Tag Manager tags, third-party marketing tags, your website, and app analytics, all in one place, so you can precisely understand your performance and stand out in the market.



What we do In Google tag management

We understand that managing tags can be complicated and time-consuming; let us take on the headache!
Get started today with the best Google tag management agency.

Account setup and integration
Account setup and integration

We set up Google Tag Manager and quickly integrated it within your website, app, and third-party urls to measure the performance of your website or marketing.

Goal setup
Goal setup

We set a goal and provided a monetary value for the conversion. Each time a goal is completed, the amount forms a goal value.


Campaign Tracking
Campaign Tracking

We set up tags in Google Tag Manager to track scroll level or page views, and then used that tag as a goal.


Phone calls Tracking
Phone calls Tracking

We set up GTM on your site to track who clicks on phone numbers so we can find out who is interested in your business.


Events Tracking
Events Tracking

Event tracking is used by us to understand the actions taken by your website visitors during their visit, for example, clicks.


Google ads tracking
Google ads tracking

Google Ads tracking measures the conversion activity that people do on your site after clicking on or viewing your Google ads.


Facebook Pixel Tracking
Facebook Pixel Tracking

GTM helps integrate Facebook pixels, which track conversions and events from your website to show the success of your advertising.


Third Party Url Tracking
Third Party Url Tracking

We handle third-party tracking tools as well as specific data integrations with the help of Google Tag Manager (GTM).


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Benefits of Google tag manager services

Real time tracking

GTM lets you add tracking codes yourself and helps you save time. allows you to add, edit, and delete tracking codes (tags).


Easy to plan next marketing strategy 

Without complex website code, you can quickly edit, add, test, and launch tags. This gives you freedom and speeds up launch times.


It helps for identifying which channel is working best 

With GTM, you can compare various marketing channels and come to know which channel is working best for your business.


Centralized reporting

It tracks several marketing channels. It’s cost-effective to avoid maintaining several platforms and debugging code in various places.


Debug Features

Google has an automated system that checks all tracking scripts and stops any scripts that look like malware right away.


Permissions management

From no access to read-only to editing and publishing, in GTM, you can manage who adds tags, macros, and rules to your website.


Scrolls tracking

Scroll tracking behavior provides a lot of information, like which parts of the page engage visitors, where they lose interest.


Understand user behavior

User behavior tracks the web pages that users view and their behaviors on a site. It helps improve the layout of the website.


Increase your agility

Tag Manager lets you add and edit site analytics, conversion tracking, and remarketing tags. You can change tags whenever you wish.


Easy to troubleshoot

It is simpler to troubleshoot and rectify tag errors now that everything is unified. You can do it even before the errors get published.


Everything Is in One Place

With GTM, everything is in one location, and human mistakes such as missing codes and inaccurate data are eliminated.


Its free

GTM is free and ideal for small and medium-sized companies. Large businesses can use Tag Manager 360, the premium version of it.


Frequently asked questions
The frequently asked questions regarding Google Tag Management Services

Google Tag Manager is a free system for managing tags. It lets you manage and place marketing tags (code snippets or tracking pixels) on your website (or mobile app) without having to change the code.


iDigitalise offers many Google Tag Manager services, such as full audits, setting up GTM containers, configuring tags and triggers, providing ongoing maintenance, and optimizing for best practices. We will also offer Google Tag Manager solution strategy services to make sure that your Google Tag Manager account is used in the best way possible.


Google Tag Manager is a different tool that is only used to store and manage code from third-party sources. GTM doesn’t have any reports or ways to do analysis. Real reporting and analysis are done with Google Analytics. All goals or filters for conversion tracking are set up and managed in Analytics. All reporting is done in Google Analytics, including conversion reports, custom segments, e-commerce sales, time on page, engagement reports, and so on.

But on the other hand, GTM offers advantages like helping your site load faster, working on non-Google products, having all the third-party codes in one place, the flexibility to test anything and everything, and much more.


Google Tag Manager might collect some aggregated data about tag firing to keep an eye on the stability, performance, and quality of the installation and offer diagnostics about these things. This data does not contain the IP addresses of users or any measurement identifiers that can be linked to a specific person.


You can track-

  • Events (link clicks, PDF downloads, add to cart click, remove from cart click) (link clicks, PDF downloads, add to cart click, remove from cart click)
  • Tracking the scrolled content
  • Form abandonment
  • Shopping carts left empty
  • Video view counts
  • All clicks on the exit link

And there’s a lot more on the Centralized MIS Page.


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