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Within First two months 15+Keywords on Google 1st Page

With the help of iDigitalise SEO & PPC consulting
client has ranked 15+ keywords within 2 months and CPL reduced 400% 

About Client

85+ Keywords on Google’s 1st Page in 4 Months and generating Million Dollar Business

Through our guaranteed ranking SEO and paid ad management services, our client’s business increased many times and is now one of the top e-commerce websites to buy scaffolding materials in the US.

The Brief

Although its brand name is well known in the market, the company wasn’t doing any kind of marketing. The requirement was to kick start a 3-month pilot project for paid and organic marketing. The goal was to be visible above competitors and competition in search engines and to generate inbound traffic and business inquiries.


Before starting the marketing process, we help them set up basic infrastructure like product photography, conversion page design and development for lead generation, tweak the website so that it will be compatible with devices and browsers, and integrate an inbound lead form with an existing lead management system. Since then, we have offered Google SEO, blogging, and lead generation services.

The Problem/Challenge
Lacking User Friendly
The existing website is not user-friendly because of its complexity, incompatibility with mobile devices, slow loading times, and absence of relevant details.
Low Leads Volume
One of the problems was a lack of leads
achievement at idigitalise
Loading Issues
The website loading speed was 7 seconds; now it's 3 seconds.
Ranking Issue
The website was struggling to rank for over 20 keywords
Low SEO Score
SEO Score Fell Below 50
Technically unfit development
The website's development is flawed, making it unsuitable for search engine optimisation.
The Result

Our relationship with the client started with just initially free consulting services. However, because of our growth strategy approach, and skill, the client has since hired us to provide full services like website maintenance, cloud computing, SEO, and other creative consulting.

Facts & Figures
cuplock scaffolding for sale 1
cuplock scaffolding system 1
cuplock system scaffolding design 7
cuplock verticals 1
ringlock scaffolding system 1
scaffold tube 1
tube lock scaffolding 1
12 inch caster wheels 5
adjustable ladder brackets 4
adjustable screw jack 7
aluminum planks 4
aluminum planks for sale 5
aluminum scaffold plank 3
aluminum scaffold planks for sale 1
aluminum stair stringers 5
aluminum walk planks 5
base collar 2
beam clamp scaffolding 1
board brackets 6
scaffolding planks 5
scaffolding planks for sale 6
scaffolding tower 7
caster adapter 5
cuplock horizontal 1
cuplock scaffolding material 5
cuplock type scaffolding 1
deck adapter 7
forged swivel coupler 3
frame scaffold 4
frame scaffold components 1
ladder brackets 4
ladder brackets for planks 5
ladder brackets for sale 8
mason frame scaffolding 3
mason scaffold 3
new scaffold planks 6
non rolling scaffold towers 9
right angle coupler 9
ringlock scaffold tower 1
ringlock scaffolding for sale 1
rolling scaffold tower 8
scaffold base 9
scaffold caster 9
scaffold gates 1
scaffold ladder 7
scaffold planks 8
scaffold planks for sale 4
scaffold planks wood 4
scaffold rack 1
scaffold screw jacks 4
scaffold screw jacks for sale 1
scaffold stair towers 6
scaffold stairs 6
scaffold tower for sale 4
scaffold towers 9
scaffold tube clamps 1
scaffolding braces 10
scaffolding clamps 1
scaffolding parts 7
scaffolding coupling pins 3
scaffolding planks near me 10
scaffolding steel planks 1
scaffolding trusses 1
scaffolding u head 1
scaffolding wheels 4
steel ladder brackets 4
steel scaffold planks 1
tube and clamp scaffolding 1
tube and clamp scaffolding for sale 1
tube scaffolding 1
walk through scaffold frames 3
walk through scaffolding 5
adjustable u head 3
cuplock scaffolding 1
scaffolding suppliers in usa 1
scaffolding tube and clamp supplier in usa 6
scaffolding parts suppliers in usa 7
top ringlock scaffolding system in usa 5
tube and clamp scaffolding suppliers 4
scaffolding planks manufacturer 3
scaffolding plank supplier 1
cuplock scaffolding suppliers in usa 2
cuplock scaffolding manufacturers 1
cuplock scaffolding system manufacturers 2
ringlock scaffolding system in usa 7
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