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Our group Businesses

We serve clients in over 30 countries and operate from multiple locations
as a global company. Our group businesses are as follows;

iDigitalise Learning Academy

The modern business world relies heavily on digital marketing channels. The Internet is undoubtedly becoming the town square for the global village of today.

iDigitalise Academy is here to help you get a good job by giving you the best digital marketing certificate courses.

At iDigitalise Academy, we have the best digital marketing courses and the best opportunities to grow and advance in your career.


Kukkur India Private Limited

Kukkur is the first, most rigorous, and most up-to-date geo-based unified social search engine in the world. It is based in India and connects you to the rest of the world in every possible way.

Our knowledge of user experience lets you search, compare, and create for every part of your business, including entertainment, employment, e-commerce, social networking, and much more. Our advanced search engine gives you the most relevant list of results.

iDigitalise Consultancy SHPK

iDigitalise Consultancy SHPK is a 100% European marketing agency that works with EU start-ups, SME businesses, and large business houses. It is based in Tirana, Albania, and has a full-service marketing and operations department that speaks the majority of European languages to better serve its customers.


 iWebHost Consultancy Services

iWeb Host is a platform for both entrepreneurs and large businesses. We equip every entrepreneur with the tools necessary for online expansion.

Providing low-cost, dependable web hosting with NO COMPROMISES is our mission!

Boost your system’s performance with SSDs, HDDs, RAM, and bandwidth that are all dedicated. Ensure lightning-fast content delivery networks and develop websites of the highest quality

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